Good afternoon, it is Monday 3.8.2020. It is the nameday of Miluše, tommorow is the nameday of Dominik.

During the 30-year was people hid treasure into Buková Hill. One day, terrible storm came. Streams of water eroded deep chuckholes. In the silt people found gold and silver coins from buried treasures. On Palm Sunday during reading of Passion, this mountain opens up and it is possible to see gold in barrels and mounds. There is a cock on certain place and crows. Who hears him can take as much as he wants but must be careful and quickly to be outside on time. When cock crows for the second time the mountain closes up with roar and he who stayed there is lost forever. One day, three men went to Buková Hill to search for treasure. At midnight, three-legged roebuck appeared in front of them and between little antlers he had red cross with burning sparks. At the same time a voice said: “Who of them will we take the first?” Other voice said: “The red-haired one!” One of them was really red-haired. All of them took fright and ran away. The red-haired one died.