Furry animal inside the well near Ostrov


Once, one villager noticed that water in wood well smell bad. So he called for bailiff and twelve councilmen who saw there only needles and broken egg. They called for learned man from Prague and took him to the well. Using magnifying glass he found wild animal. People think that it is a ghost that they saw in the wood before. So they drew two farmers and one after another they lowered them into the will with rod to kill the beast. Both of them were put down by furry hands into the dark. After several years, someone found hat of the first farmer with letter that it is possible to save them if somebody will go down to the will and kill the beast. Wife of the second farmer dared to do it. She went into the will with pitchfork. She did not kill the animal. Only for the second time when she get out of the will and swing on the bank, she killed the beast. Both farmers were liberated. One of them than said that he had had to take care of the beast. Both of them had to stand many adversities. Joy of their return did not last long time. Brave landlady was so weak that she died before sunset.

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